Who is Cre8ivTees and where did you come from?

One day in Portland, Oregon, 10-year old Andy’s Mom, who happened to be his baseball coach, called his Grandma, who happened to be a graphic designer, to see if she would cre8 some fun t-shirts for the players’ families.

Soon, the kids’ parents and siblings were sporting matching shirts with a cool team graphic on the front and phrases like, “#15 Andy’s Mom” or “#1 Joey’s Dad” on the back. The players were inspired. Their families beamed with pride. And their opponents were a tad bit jealous.

As word of the shirts spread, our destiny became clear: Cre8ivTees was born.

Since then, we've outfitted sports teams, jazzed up dance troupes and sparkled sororities. And Andy thinks his Mom and Grandma are pretty darned cool.